is designed and built to be a guide for persons who need help in mastering concepts in a variety of CXC and GCSE subjects. In addition, we provide help from Pre – K level up to tertiary and university level. We present concise tutorials containing all relevant information. Our objective here at is to make learning easier and better for individuals who have difficulty understanding and mastering subject material. At we change the individuals’ perspective on learning.


Need to be entertained? provides a means of entertainment in terms of music, remixes, poetry, and lots more. We also create educational products such as CDs, DVDs, booklets, and games, etc.


Do you have an event coming up? will also help you plan and promote this event. is owned and generated by Mr. Dwayne Lubin and partner.


Mr. Dwayne Lubin is the CEO and founder of He is currently a teacher with over thirteen years of teaching experience. He has taught the primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Presently Mr. Lubin is a Mathematics and Business teacher at the Ciceron Secondary School in St.Lucia. He is the head of the Business department at the school. Also he is actively involved in the creative arts being the recipient of many awards including: The M&C Fine Arts Main literature award for 2000; The M&C Fine Arts Poetry award 2001; The M&C Fine Arts Graphic award 2002 and 2003; The award for research in curriculum development at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College in service Teaching division class of 2008 and other awards for song writing. Mr. Lubin is an accomplish poet and song writer with over 2000 unpublished songs and poems. He is the main author of this website with all poems and songs except those under the heading ‘submissions’ are written by him. He is also a music producer, graphic artist and animator who wants to integrate music, art and animation with education. He is devoted, resourceful and a goal-driven professional educator with a solid loyalty to the social and academic growth and improvement of every child. Mr. Lubin is committed to creating an entertaining classroom atmosphere that is stimulating and encouraging to students.



LubsEduTime is an educational and entertaining website that will provide quality educational, creative, and entertaining content and products. We intend to help people gain quality education and entertain them.



At LubsEduTime our primary emphasis is educating and entertaining people of all ages. We strive to reach our goals by satisfying their educational needs and expectations while leaving them entertained.